For small and large surfaces, interior and exterior in your office, warehouse, shops, manufacturing facilities and any other space of your company.
Interior Paint
We provide painting service for interior spaces such as rooms, bedrooms, pieces, kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, offices and commercial premises. Give life to your spaces, renew with colors that inspire you creating pleasant and comfortable environments.
Exterior Paint
Outdoor spaces often require a more skilled workforce when performing plastering, resurfacing and painting work. With JBB Painting, you will find qualified experts to perform work on all types of surfaces: wood, adobe, brass, cement and much more.
Paint Maintenance
It is time to give a fondness to those walls that look a bit worn. Over time it is normal for the paint layers to lose a little color, get dirty or stain, or begin to crack and fall apart. With JBB Painting, your walls will be again as new giving them an excellent appearance.
We offer to commercial customers our special electrostatic painting service for metal components, with an outstanding smooth finished, long last and more efficient than other methods, giving a factory-perfect finish on most any metal surface.
Parking Garage Painting & Flooring
We have been providing painting & flooring services for commercial parking structures. Parking garages get a lot of traffic and can quickly deteriorate the surfaces. At JBB Painting we can help you decide on a color for functional & aesthetically pleasing.
Graffiti Removal & Anti-Graffiti Coatings
Our graffiti removal techniques include pressure washing, sandblasting, chemical treatments and repainting. We also provide graffiti prevention services, including applying anti-graffiti coatings, which help prevent graffiti from adhering to a wall.
For Whom
We work for.
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  • Fitness centers
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  • Industrial
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